iWisp Cloudburst Mini

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Transform the way you relax with the iWisp Cloudburst Mini Massager. Multiple massage modes. Three interchangeable heads. Skin-safe and skin-soft. Perfect for aches, pains and tightness.

Release endorphins. Stimulate the lymph system. Increase circulation. Enhance your body’s natural painkillers while augmenting its natural defense. Enjoy better moods, healthier skin and shorter recovery time — all from daily therapeutic relief with the Cloudburst Mini from iWisp.

  • Configurable — Choose from three swappable, skin-soft heads (gentle buds, blossoms, and the ever-popular bunny) to hit that spot, relieve tension and ease tightness.
  • Adaptable — Take control of the intensity with three vibrating modes.
  • Submergible — Rated IP67 waterproof for up to 30 minutes. Perfect for extended shower play and bath sessions.
  • Unnoticeable — Operates no louder than 50dB, even at the highest setting. The Cloudburst Mini is quieter than an electric toothbrush.
  • 1-Year Happiness Promise — Not 100% happy with your Cloudburst Mini? Just contact our U.S.-based customer service for a full replacement of equal or lesser value.
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You want to ease stubborn tightness. You need to soothe achy muscles. You crave stimulating relaxation. Thankfully, there’s the iWisp Cloudburst Mini Massager. A handy tool to relieve stress, the Cloudburst Mini delivers powerful relaxation in tiny, compact body. Take it with you wherever you travel — in a handbag or travel bag, pocket, backpack. Whenever and wherever you need it, it’s there.


Three interchangeable heads provide options for the relaxation method that meets your preferences, whether those preferences are buds, blossoms or bunny-eared. The flexible head lets you focus stimulating, relaxing vibes to any part of your body that suits the moment.
Release endorphins. Stimulate the lymph system. Increase circulation. Massaging with the Cloudburst Mini can help enhance the body’s natural painkillers while enhancing the body’s natural defense against toxins and toxic invaders. With the improved blood flow, the body can pump more oxygen and nutrients into vital organs and tissues. Improved mood. Healthier skin. Shorter recovery time. All from daily therapeutic relief that massagers like the iWisp Cloudburst Mini can deliver.


Multiple vibration speeds let you dial in your relaxation to the precise settings that suit your needs. From light to powerful, you can find what you’re looking for in the iWISP Cloudburst Mini Massager.
Over 51% of adult Americans who have had a massage did so for medical, health and therapeutic reasons, from pain management to spasm relief to injury rehabilitation. The Cloudburst Mini lets you indulge in the self-care that is massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, at your own beck and call.


Not all mini massagers are created equal. For example, few are waterproof. With an IP67 rating, the Cloudburst is submersible in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes the Cloudburst very easy to clean and useful with your water-based personal lubricant of choice. Skin-soft and skin-safe.


You-Time when you need it, wherever you need it. The Cloudburst Mini operates at a quiet 50dB noise level, even at its highest level. This is quieter than an electric toothbrush or a close-proximity conversation. Discretion guaranteed, privacy assured.


All of the above means little if the device is not easy to charge. Fortunately, the iWISP Cloudburst Mini Massager is very easy to charge. Charge in 60 minutes for over 190 minutes of use. Together with the included charging cable, the Cloudburst can be charged anywhere you get USB power, be it a laptop, a car charger, a mobile power bank or the AC adapter that comes with the Cloudburst.


And with our One-Year Happiness Pledge, if you’re not 100-percent happy with the performance of your Cloudburst Mini, simply return it for a new product of equal or lesser value. You’ll be backed by a discreet customer service team fully staffed in our U.S. office, available seven days a week via phone, live-chat and email. All new iWisp purchases are covered by our one-year limited warranty.