iWisp Whirlwind Massager with Air/Suction Relief

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Wash away aches, pains and soreness with a unique vibration + air/suction system that works best on sensitive areas of the breasts. Nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of a vital hormones that aid in overall health benefits, including healthier, firmer skin.

  • Unique System — Targets sensitive areas through a revolutionary massage combination that includes vibration, sensual swirling air and concentrated suction. This system helps deliver the proper circulation to promote healing.
  • Relieve Stress & Reduce Depression — The unique air/suction helps facilitate the release the oxytocin through therapeutic breast and nipple massage. Oxytocin, a natural hormone, is integral for successful breast therapy, needed to relieve mastitis, engorgement and swelling.
  • Multiple Massage Modes — Six massaging settings combining soothing vibrations to intense air/suction-based, with three speeds.
  • USB Compatible — Take the Whirlwind with you wherever you go. Call up the storm whenever you need to. Charge it up via power bank, laptop or car charger.
  • Easy to Wash — Crafted from medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, skin-safe with a sensual soft touch. Rated IP54, the iWisp Whirlwind is dust- and water-resistant. Use with your favorite water-base massage oils.
  • 1-Year Happiness Promise — All new iWisp products come with our gold standard 1-Year Warranty that ensures every item is free from defects. Not 100% happy with any iWisp products? Just contact our U.S.-based customer service for a full replacement of equal or lesser value.
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The Soothing Touch.

A Whirlwind in Disguise.

It’s self-care in the palm of your hand — whenever, wherever you need it most. Relieve aches. Ease tension. Minimize stiffness. Using a revolutionary combination of vibration with the light cupping therapy of air- and suction-based massage techniques, it’s now easier than ever to relax, improve blood circulation and wash away stress.
This unique therapeutic massage system combines vibration, sensual swirling air and concentrated suction to promote circulation to sensitive areas or injured muscles. Massages on breasts together with nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of vital hormones that help improving skin and body shape.
Call up a storm at a moment’s notice with the Whirlwind massager from iWisp.

Uniquely Uncomplicated Design

Easy to handle. Easy to control. Easy to use. We designed the Whirlwind to be as unique as you are. It’s sexy and uncomplicated, perfect for busy lifestyles when extra time is at a premium and relief is needed now.
The Whirlwind makes it easier than ever to target the source of your body’s pain by easing tense muscles, increasing flexibility and providing soothing relief to the body. Massage also promotes circulation to sensitive areas or injured muscles. This in turn increases the amount of oxygen delivered to damaged tissues, which boosts recovery and reduces stiffness and edema (swelling) in the muscles and joints.

Better Healing Through Circulation

Set your body a’quiver. The Whirlwind is equipped with an efficient and powerful motor that offers three vibration speeds, from a deep rumbles to an intense buzz. Adjust the massage intensity to fit the experience you want, from a calm wave to a fierce vortex. And six additional settings let you control whether the vibrations are complemented by air, suction or both.
Using the Whirlwind will also promote blood circulation. The increased blood flow helps remove lactic acid from the muscle tissues and improves the lymph fluid circulation that carries metabolic waste products away from internal organs and muscles. The result? A cleaner circulatory system, lower blood pressure and improved healing/recovery.

Travel-Ready — Charge It Anywhere

The built-in battery can be fully recharged in about 90 minutes, delivering up to 110 minutes of soothing relief from aches, stress and stiffness. Conveniently charge via power bank, car charger, wall charger or laptop/PC. This means you can take your Whirlwind with you wherever you go and call up a storm whenever you want. Never worry about replacing batteries again.

Wash Without Worry

The Whirlwind uses premium silicone that’s hypoallergenic, phthalates-free and fully body-safe. With its IP54 dust- and water-resistant rating, you can use with your favorite massage oil or water-based lubricant, then wash it off with mild soap and warm water.
The Whirlwind’s soothing soft-touch can ease the swelling, making it perfect for new mothers experiencing mastitis, engorgement and pain of the breast and nipples associated with using a breast pump or feeding newborns.

Our Promise to You

 All new iWisp purchases are supported by our one-year limited warranty. And with our One-Year Happiness Pledge, if you’re not 100-percent happy with the performance of your Whirlwind, simply return it for a new product of equal or lesser value. You’ll be backed by a discreet customer service team fully staffed in our U.S. office, available seven days a week via phone, live-chat and email.